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Accelerating to a Better Future

A new podcast series celebrating the work of the Grantham Institute’s Climate-KIC Accelerator Programme at Imperial College London. Listen to stories from successful entrepreneurs who have transformed bright ideas into useable products, creating prosperity and helping tackle climate change.

Where it all began!
Over a decade ago a team of visionaries at Imperial College London teamed up with European colleagues to found the European Institute of Innovation and Technology’s Climate Knowledge Innovation Centre. They shared a vision to bring the science and technology expertise of their organisations to the creation of new cleantech businesses. Out of this the Accelerator Programme was born and can now boast a string of successful businesses producing everything from seaweed packaging to robots that install underfloor insulation, and agriculture that uses very little water for cattle feed and cotton. In this first episode founders Professor Richard Templer and Sir Brian Hoskins remember how and where it all began.

Insights Behind the Science

Hear from Naveed Chaudhry, head of the Grantham Institute’s Climate-KIC Accelerator Programme at Imperial College London, about what’s new for the 2021 programme and how to take your cleantech startup from small beginnings to business success!

Catch it, extract it, bury it!
In conversation with Tim Kruger, Founder of Origen Power, on how they extract existing carbon from the atmosphere.

INSIGHTS: GHG Extraction
Hear from Professor Nilay Shah OBE, Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London, about the science behind greenhouse gas extraction – a key technology to help achieve Net Zero carbon.

Speedy Duckweed – Food that Doesn’t Cost the Earth
Hear how our guests have harnessed science to grow Lemna (duckweed) ten times faster and with 99% less water, as well as unlocking plant DNA to make agriculture more sustainable. William Pelton, CEO of Phytoform Labs and Sean Peters, CEO of DryGro, join Professor Richard Templer to talk about how their work means food needn’t cost the earth.

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