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Planet Mark are proud to sponsor Pod Shorts and Specials.  The Planet Mark Certification Programme aims to ensure every organisation grows economically by improving its environmental and social performance. Through rigorous carbon footprint measurement and reporting, The Planet Mark provides assurance that an organisation is addressing its corporate sustainability impact meaningfully. The programme builds employee and stakeholder engagement and creates positive environmental and social change. Uniquely, it develops knowledge and communication skills so as to embed sustainability within organisations.

To find out more contact Steve Malkin and his team at Planet Mark

Outside of our regular programme of podcasts, Planet Pod is creating a series of Shorts:  Bite-size practical advice from experts about key sustainability challenges.

Fracking explained by Estelle Dehon from Cornerstone Barristers

In this Planet Pod Short public law lawyer Estelle Dehon from Cornerstone Barristers gives us a 5 minute guide to fracking.

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Air Quality explained by Client Earth’s Katie Nield

In this Planet Pod Short, UK Clean Air Lawyer Katie Nield from Client Earth discusses Air Quality and Air Pollution and the impact this has on our daily lives and health.

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Fairtrade Explained by Fairtrade Foundation’s David Finlay

Listen to David Finlay, Supply Chain Manager at Fairtrade Foundation, as he explains what Fairtrade is all about and what makes this such an important programme.

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Circular Economy explained by Suzannah Gore from Bioregional

What do we mean by the Circular Economy and how can the digital world of the internet, big data and innovations in advanced manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing revolutionise our concept of waste and resources?  Listen to this Planet Pod Short to hear from Bioregional’s Suzannah Gore who explains the Circular Economy and how...

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Sustainability and the NHS by Edward van Reenen from Bywaters

Amanda talks to Edward van Reenen, Head of Health and Sustainability at Bywaters about how Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust is working hard to deal with its waste streams in a more sustainable way.

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