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There has never been a more exciting time to be alive: From technology to travel, from food to fashion, we are overwhelmed with choice and opportunity but for a conscientious consumer who cares about the environment it can be difficult to negotiate the challenge of choice.

At work or at home how do you ensure you are choosing products that don’t cause environmental damage, are sourced sustainably, are cost effective, affordable and are what you want? We look at everything from technology to teabags…

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Planet Pod talks Sustainable Living and Christmas Giving with Caroline Arnold at Bore Place

Join Amanda and Jim in conversation with Caroline Arnold – Director of Bore Place, and Tom Forward – Education Coordinator at this inspirational sustainable working farm and community in the heart of the Kent Countryside. You can almost taste the freshly pulled leeks, feel the squelch of the mud and smell the breath of the cows as our producer Jim gets well acquainted with the organic dairy herd!

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Planet Pod talks Green Money with Sir Roger Gifford, Anne Maria Cronin and Michael Mainelli

Greenbacks are a thing of the past but Green Money is the new currency creating waves in the financial sector.
Join Amanda and her guest host Michael Mainelli from Long Finance, and their guests Sir Roger Gifford, Chairman of the UK Government’s Green Finance Taskforce, and Anne Maria Cronin of Quarter Penny Consulting, as we get to the bottom of Green Finance, including bonds, investment and the progress against the Taskforce report.

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The team at Planet Pod are passionate but not pious – we don’t preach. While we don’t have all the answers we aim to bring you insights and ideas from people who do.

Amanda Carpenter

Amanda has a lifelong passion for the planet having been an active member of conservation groups at school and University, she spent time as a volunteer at Friends of the Earth before moving into wider conservation fields and then back into sustainability with her consultancy Achill Management. For the last 25 years she has worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes across all sectors trying to help them be more sustainable operationally, financially, strategically and environmentally.

Steve Malkin

Steve is a passionate and enthusiastic advocate of sustainability and of business being a power for good. As founder of The Planet MarkTM, which is delivered in partnership with the Eden Project, Steve helps organisations across the UK and internationally to make positive impacts on the environment and society. His work brings him into contact with people who are making tangible contributions across society and he witnesses first-hand the benefits of change. He helps share these uplifting stories through the media, events and through Planet Pod.

Jim Haywood

Jim is an ex-Royal Navy nuclear submarine engineer with engineering and technology in his veins (as well as a touch of salt!). He also has many years’ experience in the private, public and charitable sectors leading environmental and sustainability programmes. His career has included blue chip multinational corporates, the Environment Agency and Business in the Community (leading that charity’s environmental campaign on behalf of HRH The Prince of Wales). Jim is now an independent sustainability consultant and works alongside Amanda as part of Achill Management.

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Specials and Shorts

Recycling Unravelled by Ben Beagley from Bywaters

Amanda talks to waste and recycling expert Ben Beagley, Client Relationship Manager at Bywaters’ Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Bow, London who unravels some of the mysteries around recycling.

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BITC’s Waste to Wealth Campaign

In this short Planet Pod Special we talk to Libby Sandbrook, Business in the Community’s Head of Circular Economy, about BITC’s recently launched Waste to Wealth campaign. Waste to Wealth brings together business, government, academia and civil society to unlock opportunities to double the nation’s resource productivity and reduce avoidable waste by 2030 – more...

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Planet Pod sits down on Lambeth Bridge during Extinction Rebellion’s recent Day of Action in London

In this short Planet Pod Special we join Amanda as she sat down in the middle of Lambeth bridge and joined around 1000 supporters of Extinction Rebellion’s recent Day of Action in London – a peaceful protest to highlight the urgency of the climate crisis facing the world and the need for action now. Amanda...

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Organisations that support and sponsor Planet Pod.

Achill Management

Founded by Amanda, Achill Management work with organisations of all shapes and sizes to be more sustainable in everything they do - from their environmental footprint to people and resource management. Achill Management work with charities, businesses and local government to get the best from people, place and planet.

The Planet Mark

Founded by Steve, the Planet MarkTM combines measurement, engagement and communication and uniquely embeds relationships with the Eden Project and Cool Earth, award-winning charities that deliver positive social and environmental impacts around the world. The Plane MarkTM has been successfully adopted by organisations of all sizes across the UK and internationally. Holders of The Planet MarkTM share a common commitment to deliver positive social and environmental impacts.

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