The team at Planet Pod welcomes the chance to work in partnership with others and we are delighted to have produced a series of pods with a range of partners, as well as podcasts developed and delivered on a commissioned basis.

The Climate Papers

Commissioned Podcasts

Planet Pod Productions are delighted to be producing The Climate Papers, a new series of podcasts for the COP26 Universities Network which brings together the best minds in the UK across a collaboration of over 50 Universities to prepare for COP26. We explore the key themes that will shape the policies and recommendations discussed at COP – from a Net Zero recovery from Covid 19 to nature based solutions and the challenges of offsetting. Listen to the podcasts here or subscribe via your podcast app.

In the first podcast of this new series Making the ‘New Normal Zero” we discuss the 10 calls for action outlined in the briefing paper  ‘A Net Zero emissions economic recovery from Covid 19’, with guests Professor Cameron Hepburn,  Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, Oxford University and Dr Jennifer Allan, University of Cardiff. What would a zero emissions recovery look like? What policies, incentives and structures do we need to support individuals and businesses make that change?
Our second podcast with guests Dr Rebecca Ford, COP26 Fellow and Chancellor’s Fellow at University of Strathclyde and Professor Simone Abram, Director in the Durham Energy Institute and Professor in Anthropology, University of Durham discuss what a socially inclusive approach to a decarbonised economy would look like. From energy to transport, how can we ensure that ‘leave no one behind’ as we move towards a greener, more sustainable world post Covid.  Briefing paper here.

Our third podcast in the series with guests Professor Chris Hilson and Dr Joeri Rogelj discusses just what ‘net zero’ means and what are the implications are for the UK of a net zero world. Are the targets and dates just a distraction? How do we ensure climate justice between and within countries, amongst communities and between generations, and will some people and places be left behind?  Briefing paper here.

Our fourth podcast in the series looks at measuring and offsetting carbon emissions in the Further and Higher Education sector with our guests Eli Mitchell-Larson (University of Oxford) and Matt Dunlop (University of Newcastle) explore the issues and some of the challenges they raise in the latest briefing paper available here.

In our fifth podcast we look at Nature Based Solutions and how they can deliver benefits for people and biodiversity.  Join Alyssa Gilbert and guests Professor David Coomes & Dr Ana Queirós as they discuss how forests and oceans can help to mitigate climate change and support vital ecosystems across the world.  A copy of the paper can be downloaded here

Our sixth podcast in the series looks at the important role played by space-based Earth Observation.  Hosts Amanda Carpenter and Alyssa Gilbert are joined by Prof. Marian Scott and Prof. Jonathan Bamber as they explain how Earth Observation combined with in-situ and sensor data provides a powerful means to observe environmental changes over space and time in unprecedented detail, even in remote parts of the globe. We find out how Earth Observation satellites are our eyes on the planet and why, without them, we would be virtually blind to the magnitude and timing of climate change and to human interference with the fragile ecosystems we all depend on.  Briefing paper here.

Imperial - Accelerating to a better future

Commissioned Podcasts

A new podcast series celebrating the work of the Grantham Institute’s Climate-KIC Accelerator Programme at Imperial College London. Listen to stories from successful entrepreneurs who have transformed bright ideas into useable products, creating prosperity and helping tackle climate change.

Blue Marine Foundation

Commissioned Podcasts

Blue’s work to preserve the oceans is more vital than ever and we are proud to be producing a series of podcasts on all aspects of their campaign – from supporting local fishermen who are denied their usual markets, to discussing the reef habitats of the Maldives. Our fascinating series of commissioned podcasts will help you fall in love with the oceans and discover their wonders.

Just Environmental Law

A new podcast series of PIEL – Public Interest Environmental Law

Commissioned Podcasts

As PIEL were unable to host their annual conference for members and students this year due to the lockdown they commissioned us at Planet Pod to make the conference into a series of podcasts. We are delighted to be working with PIEL and you can find the podcasts here.

“We have had such a great response and  are so excited for the positive impact this podcast will have for the PIEL audience for years to come. This would have been impossible without your guidance, patience and dedication while working with us. The resulting episodes on environmental justice issues have reached more people than we could ever envision with the physical conference. Thank you for creating this brilliant legacy for PIEL!”
PIEL 2020 Committee

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