PP In Conversation With: Steve Backshall

PP talks to BAFTA-winning naturalist, explorer, adventurer, conservationist, campaigner, writer and broadcaster Steve Backshall. We ask what has inspired him to want to protect the world’s ecosystems and species. How can we shift the political dial and encourage countries to think beyond GDP and start measuring success by the quality of life for future generations. We explore the role of activism in all this and the importance of action based on evidence.

Real Deal or Greenwash? Planet Pod does politics!

Bored with being fobbed off? Don’t think any of the parties mean it? Listen into Planet Pod’s election special as self-confessed eco maverick and activist Alex Gilbert and Amanda pick their way through the party manifesto commitments – is there hope or is it all hogwash and just how many trees a minute will Labour have to plant to meet their commitments?

The Politics of Climate Change

Join Amanda for this special Planet Pod episode recorded live at Tonbridge School as part of the Tonbridge Talks Festival of the Environment.  Panelists debating the Politics of Climate Change include experts from business, politics and conservation: Anjuli Pandit – UK Head of Corporate Sustainability for
BNP Paribas, David Hone – Chief Climate Change Advisor with Shell International, Gareth Redmond-King – Head of Climate Change at WWF-UK & April Clark – Green Party counsellor for Tonbridge and Malling. 

We hear Shell’s prediction that we won’t achieve net zero carbon before 2070, although do we have the technology to prevent catastrophic global warming.  There are more encouraging words from WWF and Green Party, and we hear how BNP Paribas are divesting from all fossil fuel investment.  A lively debate and Q&A session afterwards!