The Climate Papers

Putting the zero into net zero

Join Professor Chris Hilson and Dr Joeri Rogelj as they discuss just what ‘net zero’ means and what are the implications are for the UK of a net zero world. Are the targets and dates just a distraction? How do we ensure climate justice between and within countries, amongst communities and between generations, and will some people and places be left behind?
This latest in the Climate Papers series explores the what, when and how of net zero and how to make sense of the Paris Agreement plus what it means for COP26 decisions and demands.’

Making it fair: what would a just transition to net zero look like?

Our guests Dr Rebecca Ford, University of Strathclyde and Professor Simone Abram, University of Durham discuss what a socially inclusive approach to a decarbonised economy would look like. From energy to transport, how can we ensure that ‘leave no one behind’ as we move towards a greener, more sustainable world post Covid.

Making the ‘New Normal Zero”

In the first podcast of this new series we discuss the 10 calls for action outlined in our briefing paper on a net zero emissions recovery from Covid-19 with guests Professor Cameron Hepburn, Smith School Oxford University, and Dr Jennifer Allan, University of Cardiff. We ask what a zero emissions recovery would look like and what policies, incentives and structures we need to support individuals and businesses make that change.