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There has never been a more exciting yet more challenging time to be alive, when even the smallest actions can have a huge impact on the world around us – for better or worse. Planet Pod brings you the stories and news behind the headlines from the people who are making positive things happen.

We look at everything from technology to teabags to help you navigate your way through the complicated and often confusing information and advice for sustainable living and working.

The team at Planet Pod are passionate but not pious – we don’t preach. While we don’t have all the answers we aim to bring you insights and ideas from people who do.

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The Planet Pod Team


Amanda Carpenter - Presenter & Co-Founder

Amanda has a lifelong passion for the planet having been an active member of conservation groups at school and University, she spent time as a volunteer at Friends of the Earth before moving into wider conservation fields and then back into sustainability with her consultancy Achill Management. For the last 25 years she has worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes across all sectors trying to help them be more sustainable operationally, financially, strategically and environmentally.

She believes that a sustainable future will only be possible it we take a pragmatic approach to things and get everyone to take steps however small, everyday forever. While time is running out together we can make great change – its never too late. Amanda is married to Peter who is a teacher and poet and has two grown up daughters who she is relying on to save the planet for the next generation.

Jim Haywood - Producer & Co-Founder

Jim is an ex-Royal Navy nuclear submarine engineer with engineering and technology in his veins (as well as a touch of salt!). He also has many years’ experience in the private, public and charitable sectors leading environmental and sustainability programmes. His career has included blue chip multinational corporates, the Environment Agency and Business in the Community (leading that charity’s environmental campaign on behalf of HRH The Prince of Wales). Jim is now an independent sustainability consultant and works alongside Amanda as part of Achill Management.

As a keen bird watcher and artist, Jim is constantly bowled over by the beauty (and fragility) of the natural world and believes passionately that – appropriately applied – technology can play a significant role in protecting it for future generations.


Beth Salt - Researcher

Starting out as a runner in documentary producer 3bm TV Beth spent nearly a decade working on an array of documentaries for 3bm and Brook Lapping Productions, working her way up to Producer/Director. She spent two years as an Assistant Producer at BBC World News, Executive Producing series and commissioning and running the short format content for the channel. Following a career break to start a family, Beth looks after two young boys and works as a freelance social media producer and researcher. She provides programme research and social media support to Planet Pod and tries to spend as much time outside and live as sustainably as she possibly can.

Planet Pod is brought to you by Achill Sounds, part of the Achill Management Group.  We are proud to work alongside our friends at The Planet Mark.

Planet Mark helps organisations combat climate change, and it does it differently. Planet Mark believes every organisation can be sustainable and can contribute to a planet where everyone can thrive. Holders of The Planet Mark are required to measure and reduce their annual carbon emissions associated with business operations. Each year the new carbon footprint becomes the next year’s baseline, thus driving continuous improvement and helping generate our outstanding results. The programme brings sustainability into the centre of your business through a combination of measuring the environmental impact of your business and an employee-led approach to continuous improvement.

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