A HUGE Planet Pod thank you

Covid-19 continues to be a huge challenge and threat and all of us at Planet Pod want to extend to extend our sympathy and concern for those who have lost loved ones and our enormous sense of gratitude for everyone who is working so hard on our behalf to protect us and keep the country going.  From those in the NHS and across the care sector to the delivery drivers, to everyone in food production and farming, in the supply chains and those who are keeping the supermarkets open, for rubbish and recycling collectors, the posties, the energy and transport workers and the countless others on whom we really. A Huge Planet Pod Thank You. 

Essential listening for everyone who cares about the planet

From politicians to protesters, scientists to entrepreneurs, we talk to the people behind the headlines. We are in a climate emergency. What can we do to protect our planet? This podcast aims to empower our listeners to act. Together we can make great strides towards halting climate change. The time to act is now.

In addition to our regular podcasts, Planet Pod is partnering with The Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment at Imperial College for a series delving into the science behind the Climate Emergency and Getting to Net Zero. Planet Pod is a non-profit making, independent podcast brought to you by Achill Management. Our partners include The Grantham Institute and Planet Mark.

New Episodes

Paying for Net Zero

Transition to Green Energy – who pays? The producer, the polluter or the consumer? Join our expert guests Neil Hirst, Senior Policy Fellow for Energy and Mitigation at the Grantham Institute and Juliet Davenport, CEO of Good Energy as they discuss the paradigm shift we need in policy and regulation that will free up the consumer so we can make our own decisions about how to heat and power our homes.

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Local Fish for Dinner

Fancy “….a fishy on a little dishy, when the boat comes in”? But, if the boats aren’t going out, there won’t be any fish!

Catch our Local Fish for Dinner podcast produced by Planet Pod for The Blue Marine Foundation and hear how they are supporting sustainable fishing to ensure the fish caught in native waters are getting to customers while Covid 19 has shut down the routes to market, keeping the fishing industry afloat.

And if that’s not enough puns, maybe Chef Mark Hix will reel you in as he shares his Tshirt (and some recipes for unusual fish) with us as well.

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Journey Through Wild Landscapes

Author and walker Peter Fiennes joins Alastair Driver from Rewilding Britain and Amanda to discuss how landscape shapes imagination and how rewilding today is about man and wildlife living in harmony together, not about resetting the baseline or turning the clock back.

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